Double Doozy!: Friday Food Truck: Scouts Treats

In a summer flight of thoughts, I realized there was an excellent opportunity for blogging about a new trend in Indianapolis: Food Trucks. Each Friday, I’ll highlight a new food truck and give some love to the mobile masters of great food. Price ranges are for a total meal: $ ($2-5), $$ ($5-10), $$$ ($10-15)

6th Friday: Scouts Treats
Twitter: @scoutstreats
Price: $
Food Tried:
- Mama Cha Chi’s Chocolate Jumbo Cupcake ($4)

Now, when someone tells me something is ‘jumbo’, my first thought is, oh good, big!. And when that something is food, my second thought is, don’t eat this in one sitting or you will barf. Which is funny, because I’ve never barfed from eating too much, but I’ve certainly felt the urge. I’ve learned what jumbo is to me, and I want to pass the lesson on.

Long story short: Scout’s Jumbo Treats are jumbo. Don’t eat them all in one sitting. Pick at ‘em, stick em in the fridge, grab a few bites, head to a meeting/out for a meal, come back and savor a bit more. It’s not that you won’t want to eat them all in one sitting, but just that, if you go into a diabetic coma, I’ve warned you, and I’ll get up in court and say that I warned you and that Scout’s is not liable. They did say jumbo.

So, so SWEET and DELECTABLE. Sugary, creamy, moist (least favorite word, but necessary when describing a good cake/cupcake), and with the most pleasant surprise at the bottom of the cupcake: mostly solid chocolate chips! I found the whole experience variable, as I never knew when I’d find a chip to compliment the fluffy cake and whipped frosting. All around, the perfect little secret to make Mama Cha Chi’s really have some personality. Here things get really squirrely though, because I’m going to try and recommend a beer here, and I have no idea how it would pair, but I think that you need something a bit tart to go with Mama Cha Chi’s sweet side, so I’d recommend either Thr3e Wise Men’s Two Lucys Blackberry Wheat or Oaken Barrel’s Razz-Wheat. Extremely feminine choices, I know, but I challenge a man to find a manly beer that wouldn’t just wash away all the goodness of the cupcake. A tough one, really.

I was a bit bummed not to meet Pippa on my first trip to try a cupcake, but apparently she decided that being fashionably late is still fashionable. I forgive her, because she doesn’t know yet how much we food truck foodies have been looking forward to her, and maybe that’s a bit anxiety provoking. But, I’m sure we’ll meet someday.

Prices: bien. About equivalent to the other gourmet cupcake stores in the Indianapolis area, and about equivalent in cupcake size as well. It becomes bit steep when you grab a meal at one truck and dessert from Scouts, but not any more so than a sit down meal might be. Of course, I’ve already wondered if food that I must find somewhere to enjoy should cost as much as food brought right to me at a table, but, I understand that the market will fluctuate and adjust as necessary, and I can’t really complain as I do have a job.

Overall, pleased, and looking forward to more exposure. Recommendations, because everyone has room to grow (myself included, so don’t forget to comment):
1. This whole point will simply be about things I have a feeling would have been fixed by having Pippa the truck there: lids, garbage can, napkins, and credit/debit card capabilities. Also, recycling. Same old song and dance on my end.
2. I know this is crazy, and I don’t know if it would work with the ingredients you use, but I would love to see something like this from the truck. I mean, that’s just a damn cool cupcake.
3. This is silly and a bit crazy, but I would LOVE a 1/2 pint carton of milk or chocolate milk I could buy to go with my cupcake. What goes better together?

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  1. Had this cupcake. Stunned. It was huge. One of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. Frosting was amazing. Told it was from scratch, tasted def like it was from scratch. Why have we not had mobile until now? Indy is getting more food trucks and it’s about time. This one is at the top of my list – Love Scout’s !!! The Cupcake girls were nice and cute too. Just sayin.

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