vstimac_1379547250_32Howdy, I’m Valerie! Welcome to my small corner of the internet. Make yourself comfortable, and please check out my resumé if you’re so inclined.

Most recently, I was the Community Manager at ARO, Inc. in Seattle, WA. I’m currently looking for my next adventure, so if you’re in need of a digital marketing/social media enthusiast, I’m your gal! I’ve also started several small websites in addition to my day job, and invite you to check those out below.

If you’ve come to my site, it means you’re curious about me. You’re going to find I have lots of thoughts and lots to say, and am always happy to hear back from others when my words ring true for others. What really matters is what I love: writing, seeing the world, eating and drinking my way through the streets of whatever city I find myself in, and photographing it all. I love sitting at the hub of several twitterspheres, reorganizing my life, and saving for the next big trip.

Enjoy, comment freely, and please play nice in my corner of the internet playground.



vs My Blog

I’ve been blogging for personal use for over a dozen years, and continue to do so regularly. This is where I share my personal thoughts, experiences, and more. Explore at your own risk!

vvMy Travel Site

I started Valerie & Valise in October 2013 as a site to promote my travel writing after living abroad and moving to the Pacific Northwest. I update this several times a week based on recent trips and adventures.

ttMy Hobby

Tequila Tuesday was founded with a friend in Sept. 2012 while living in London. We still go out weekly (always on Tuesday!) to enjoy agave. This site is home of our photos, events, reviews, and more.